Pass Through Wholesale Pricing

With the HAEC Real-Time (also known as Market
Pass Through) Pricing Package, the price you pay for electricity changes from hour to hour according to
the wholesale market prices in your service area.

Most of the time, the hourly wholesale market prices are lower than the fixed prices you are paying now, especially during the off Peak (11pm – 7am M-F & All day Sat and Sun) when pricing typically plummets with decrease in regional demand on the grid.

If your company operates 20% or more in the off peak and places a high importance on maximized savings, no better pricing model exists.
Additional Benefits
  • No Long Term Contracts: Real Time customers are free to leave on only 30 days notice, either to change their pricing package with HAEC, return to the utility, or switch to a competitor.
  • Up Front Pricing: Unlike our competitors HAEC fixes their adder at the beginning of the contract and it never goes up for the life of the contract.
    Beware of competitors offering “blended adders” which claim to offer the
    same. In reality, however, these are a grouping of all a customers’ non
    energy costs (i.e. capacity, renewables, ancillaries and other non
    fluctuating bill components) with the supplier’s adder buried inside.
Fixed Pricing
Fixed pricing is the traditional pricing mechanism used throughout the industry. This offering, as the name implies, guarantees a customer a single fixed price for the contracted length and volume of the supply arrangement.

Fixed prices are most attractive for customers interested in saving some
money against their host utility, while ensuring that they maintain a requisite level of budget certainty.

Block and Index Pricing
Block and Index Pricing is a unique offering that encompasses the best qualities of both Fixed Pricing and Real Time. Under this pricing format, the customer locks in a certain percentage of their electricity at a fixed rate and the rest at Real Time.

Depending on the size and needs of the customer the fixed portion can encompass as much or as little of their portfolio as is desired. This is a great way for customers to participate in the marketplace, while protecting themselves from short term volatility.
The Halifax American Energy Company
The Halifax Difference

Contract Flexibility
Our customers have the flexibility to lock in low power rates for as long as 5 years or operate under month-to-month contracts that allow for maximum cost savings.

Product Variety
Through our network of partners and abundance of energy
services we have a wide range of tools at our disposal to best meet the individual needs of our customer base.

100% Pricing Transparency
You will be made completely aware of what to expect on EVERY invoice. No hidden costs, no suspicious line items and no floating fees.

Excellent Customer Service
No fly by nighters here! Our people have been in the industry for decades. We will keep you up to date on all the latest energy news and will alert you when we feel a better savings opportunity has presented itself.

Ideal For Off-Peak Users
Power users conducting business or able to conduct business on weekends and during evening hours will see tremendous savings. Again, with HAEC you’re buying power in real time; off-peak energy pricing can be substantially lower.

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